Domain 1: Environments

Session 1: Environments Matter

Session 2 : Environments Emerge and Environments Change

Stories About Environment

- Good Night Owl by Pat Hutchins
- Ish by Peter Reynolds
- This is the Place for Me by Joanna Cole
- The Bunny of Blueberry Hill by Tim Preston

Music and Moods

- Thunderdrums by Scott Fitzgerald (World Disc Productions, INc., 1990)
- Music & Menus Mexico (Mfd. for BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. under license D226205/1)
- Celtic Inspirations Guitar/Flute/Harp (Greenbrier International Inc. for Allegro Corporation, 2008)
- Thunderstorms Sounds of Nature (Greenbrier International Inc. for Allegro Corporation, 2008)
- Body & Soul Zen Garden Koto/Flute/Nature Sounds (Greenbrier International Inc. for Allegro Corporation, 2008)
- Movin' Groovin' Workout! (Direct Source Special Productions, Inc., 2003)
- Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes by Eric Litwin (Scholastic Inc., 2012)

Stories About Diversity

- The Family Book by Todd Parr
- Giraffes Can't dance by Giles Andreae
- Big Al by Andrew Clements Yoshienvironment.jpg
- Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore


"Consider the Walls" by Patricia Tarr (Young Children, May 2004)

"Fiction vs. Informational Texts Which Will Kindergartners Choose?" by Marlene Ponte Correia (Young Children, 2011)

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

- UDL at a Glance video

Print Rich Environment

- "Just for Me" free label maker from Environments

- Boardmaker software from Mayer-Johnson

Differentiated Instruction, Interventions, Adaptations

- squirrel video


Elizabeth Jarman's Communication Friendly Spaces (CFS)
- Books for Breakfast (pp. 32-33) video embedded
- Step Into a Story (pp. 34-35)

Early Language and Learning Reflection Tool (ELLRT)

Resources from Past Participants:

- Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Program
(children 0-5 yrs. receive a book a month)
- (free math video programs)
- (rent / buy books and get best deal)
- my frugal adventures (free ebooks & magazine subscriptions, sample products and coupons)
- check local libraries for eBooks